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Mayor Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor
Vital Statistics
Born May 7, 1971
Age 40
Family Jonathon Taylor (son) Mary Taylor (wife)
Gender Male
Species Deviation
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Status Alive
Powers Telekinesis
Allegiance Hero

Joshua "Josh" Taylor is the Mayor of the city Aegis, the safe haven for Deviations. Josh created this place so that all Deviations can come here and feel accepted, rather than being stuck in the real world with Regulars judging Deviations all the time. Joshua made this place free of charge, and lets anyone and everyone come here besides protesting Regulars. 


Joshua was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to Jennifer and Joseph Taylor. Neither of his parents actually had powers, and when Joshua developed his at the age of 13, they weren't excited about it. Joseph was linked into the Boston City Hall, and was working on getting more involved. Joshua being a Deviation would not help him in his pursuit. Jennifer still loved Joshua, and wanted to help him with his new power of telekinesis, however Joseph couldn't do it. Joseph divorced Jennifer and left Joshua. Jennifer didn't have a job, and stayed home as a house-mom, and was unprepared for Joseph's decision, and they fell low on money.

Finally, jennifer got a few more better jobs and supported Joshua. When Joshua was twenty, he left the home to live on his own. Josh passed as a normal man, so getting around was easy, however, it was on his record that he had been a deviation, so getting jobs was VERY difficult. Eventually, he was able to become a physciatrist to other Deviations like him. 

As Joshua grew older, he realized how much he disliked the hatred Regulars gave deviations, so he decided to form Aegis, meaning the Safe-Haven or Protection. It took a matter of five years, but he finally finished building his new town. The town is actually a very large Island off of the Atlantic ocean that Joshua formed. The place is large and has a number of shops and other things for deviations like him to live normally without the critisism of regulars.

Joshua Taylor, now Mayor Taylor lives on the outskirts of the town in a big dark mansion. Here is where his secretary is and his personal bodyguard. Don't mess with Touche, or he'll mess you up. Joshua's Son, Jonathon, no longer has contact with him and has escaped his father's rule, but still runs around Aegis. Joshua's wife, Mary, lives with him in the mansion. Joshua visits the city on an everyday basis.