Welcome to the Heroes United Role-Play Wiki!


Welcome to the Heroes United Role-Play Wiki. The Heroes United Role-Play Wiki is for anyone and everyone who like super heroes, and would like to create their own. To create a Hero, go to the Hero Creation page to get your new hero approved. If you would like to make a Villain, follow the Villain Creation page. To find out more on making characters, follow the Power Initiative page. That is also the place where you can learn how to make a talk bubble and creating character pages. We hope you enjoy the wiki! - Colin687

A Message From Our Founder

Hello, I'm Colin687, the founder of this wiki. I created this wiki so more users have a fun way of interacting in Role-Play by combing the two main comic book universes (Marvel and DC) so they can make their own character versions of heroes. This Role-Play Wiki (RP Wiki) is mostly to have fun in the story of your characters and the fight against the villains, but another fun thing here is to create our own story for heroes. Please enjoy the wiki, and feel free to contact me or any other Admins for questions and/or help. Enjoy! Colin687

Administration Team

If you have any questions, contact any of our admins or our founder, Colin687

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