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Stella 'Stel' Laine

The Strange Sighter
Vital Statistics
Born December 11
Age 17
Family Seirra-Sister, Kelley-Sister, Mara-Mom, Logan-Dad
Gender Female
Species Meta-Human
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Brown
Status Alive
Powers She has super vision and can see things in perfect focus
Allegiance Hero's League

Before being captured by scientist, Stella and Kelley Laine were just normal girls. They had both been given different powers by a villain who had stolen them for a while, just to operate, try to recruit them to the villains. Their mom, a hero named Mara(X-Ray) saved them from the vile man that had stolen them from their family. Logan, their dad, accompanied Mara to save his only daughters at the time. When they were safe they were recruited to the Heroes


Stella is a sweet girl, a bit cautious but other than that she is Hakuna Matata(not worried). Since her vision is so good, she feels as if she sees and understands people more clear than ever. She can pretty much help with anything if you give her a clear picture to see and use as a tool.


Talk Bubble


Microscope -Hero
"A hero's deeds are appreciated by everyone, well almost"



Stella -Just Stella
"I love you random citizen!" I screamed at the wrong moment