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  • Colin687

    Location Ideas

    March 24, 2013 by Colin687

    Post your Location ideas here. Also remember that if you aprrove of the other user's idea, Lilly shall put an L, Colin a C, and Red an R. I have set up header's for you to share your ideas. Remember, if you have thought of the idea, you are mainly responsible for creating the page.

    • Aegis Cinema~ L C (Maybe new name though, such as The Rock Cinema or something)
    • Johnson's Jewellery- L C
    • Aegis Park~ L C (Just "The Park" would work I think)
    • The Beach~ L C (possible name change to something like "Livet Beach")
    • Aegis Bank~ L C (Aegis Community Bank maybe)

    • Aegis State Prison - C L
    • Villa Idiozillas - C L
    • City Hall - C L
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  • Colin687
    • Ok folks, this is the first ever Official Meeting of Heroes United Role-Play Wiki
    • First things first, we will revise what has already been done
    • As you both know, I've created a blog on the main site about some stuff we needed done before we began Location Creation
    • As I know, Lilly did a wonderful job with the awards that I left
    • 7:17Lilly Lovegood(2) Thank you.
    • 7:17LittleRedCrazyHood*claps for Lilly*
    • 7:17Colin687and I think both of your contributions to the policies were good, and that is complete
    • and like I said in that blog, User_blog:Colin687/To-Do_List
    • once done we will begin Location Creation
    • however
    • I want to make sure we have EVERYTHING settled first, and I now open up to whoever would like to speak of ideas and things of sort
    • press 1 when wanti…
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  • Colin687

    To-Do List

    March 8, 2013 by Colin687

    Here is the to-do list. On this list, I will name the many things that still need to be done on this wiki that I want done at the moment (please no Char or RP area creation). Once we have completed the needed amount of Policies, Forums, and Coding Stuff, we will then be able to create places that Users can Role-Play on. But until such a time, I ask for no Role-Playing! 

    Consider the following:

    Lilly has set up an amazing side tool bar for us to use on the Policy pages, thank-you very much Lil (claps). To see what I want the Policy pages to look like, check out this. After looking at that, you will notice how I put our logo up at top centered, then how it says "Official HURP Policy", lists the rules, and then categorized as "Policy". Exactly …

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  • Colin687


    February 2, 2013 by Colin687

    These are some of the ideas that Red and Myself have thought of to create pages and that sort of thing. This way, we know what still needs created and also how things will work out within the RPing.

    • Safe Haven for the Deviations/Meta-Humans will be Aegis, a town where they will be safe from the regulars
    • A user must have permission from an admin for their character to have multiple powers, and those powers must be related to that of the original power.
    • An Organization will be created from a higher level villain inviting more evil followers.
    • Crime locations will be created, and saving the citizens will be available
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